Math Brain Free updated

Math Brain Free was updated. We fixed minor bugs:

  • sound on mobile devices was way too loud
  • RNG for square and square root functions was not random enough
  • a few typos were corrected
  • Google Play Store should now have EN_US and EN_GB store listings

We are still working on

  • better statistic display for smaller devices
  • plots for statistics

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Math Brain Free released

We are proud to present “Math Brain Free” – a mathematical puzzle game for Android platforms. Math Brain is a “mental workout” application that tests and exercises your skills in solving arithmetical calculations.

You face a calculation and 3 solutions and you have 10 seconds time to solve and find the right answer:


A detailed statistic evaluates your performance:


A simple menu lets you choose from tree different difficulty levels:

menu01 menu02

It is proven that “Mental Calculation” can be exercised to achieve higher accuracy and performance.

game03 game02

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